How Walk-In Tubs are Changing Lives

Taking a bath is one of life’s greatest, yet simplest pleasures. The gift of a therapeutic soak in a steamy tub can often be the highlight after a long day. Yet, for many seniors and people with mobility problems, an unassisted and private bathing experience is not even an option.
Moreover, when unsteady feet, aching body’s, and slippery surfaces combine, it’s a recipe for disaster.
Bathroom-related accidents are all too common. Statistics still show that 33% of all people over the age of 65 have an accident in the bathtub every year.
Just imagine it for a second….one-third of all seniors fall and hurt themselves in the bathroom…
The inability to bath oneself has become a major contributor towards institutionalization in today’s society.
However, if you or someone you hold dear is struggling to maintain dignity and independence in the bathroom, a walk-in tub can change your quality of life in an instant…

Throw Out The Old Tub

Conventional bathtubs were never designed with specific needs in mind. Instead, standard tubs create a lot of physical and mental anguish for some due to their lack of practical safety features.
The reality is that the standard bathtubs are outdated. They fail to meet the physical requirements of someone with mobility problems. For wheelchair users, bathing takes on a whole new dimension.

Walk-in Tub Solution

Walk-in tubs come with innovative bariatric design and will change the way you view bathing forever.

Traditional bathtubs simply do not offer the same features a walk-in tub does. These modern tubs provide a safer, more convenient and comfortable bathing experience.

Walk-in Tub Features

One of the features a modern walk-in tub display is its industry standard U or V-shaped door. This allows anyone to easily maneuver into the tub where they can take a comfortable seat. Once the door is closed, the tub can be filled while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Safety grab bars,  non-slip surfaces, and easy to operate handles all form part of what sets a modern walk-in tub apart. Other features that stand out include:

  • low step-in door
  • hydrotherapy jets (hot air bubbles)
  • in-line heater to regulate water temperature
  • hand-held shower sprayer
  • lifetime warranty on door seal
  • easy to operate chrome faucets
  • durable construction
  • quick installation of 4-6 hours
  • whirlpool jets upgrade (optional)

With an advanced drainage system, most walk-in tubs will drain in 90 seconds or less. As an additional safety measure, many tubs come with outward swinging doors. This allows it to open immediately in case of emergency ( at the expense of soaking the bathroom).

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Apart from just added safety, walk-in tubs have elevated hydrotherapy to the new heights. Hydrotherapy has long since been discovered as a trusted method for treating many medical ailments.

With up to 30 strategically placed jets, water pressure and bubbles can be used to gently massage the body and treat many conditions. Some of the most common conditions successfully treated with tub hydrotherapy include:

  • stomach problems
  • joint pain
  • muscle aches
  • tension
  • nerve problems
  • poor blood circulation
  • arthritis
  • headaches or migraines
  • depression

Why Buy a Walk-In Tub?

Whether it is through necessity or pure indulgence, a walk-in tub will transform your bathroom, and your life, almost instantly.

However, if bathroom safety is your number 1 priority, a walk-in tub will ensure some peace of mind.